Anonymous asked
you just posted a revenge gifset. But all the gifs you posted were stolen from other people's gifsets. That's extremely hurtful to the people who spend hours and hours making them. Please take it down. Reposting is extremely frowned upon on tumblr. Hit the reblog button if you like a gifset. And if you would like to post a gifset, make the gifs yourself

How would I say this… first I don’t know how to make gifs myself. So if you want to explain to me, you’re extremely welcome. Then, I always tag not my gifs” in every gifset AND the description in my blog is : “all gifs belong to they rightful owner.”. You might want to read it. Now the owner of those gifs can send me and message if they want me to say I took that gif from them. I never said those gifs were mine and I understand that some people work hard to make them, and I thank them for that. I’ll write in the description of all my gifset “not my gifs” in the future. Thank you.